April 14 2013

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Definition of Repent
to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life
to feel regret or contrition
to change one's mind
to cause to feel regret or contrition
to feel sorrow, regret, or contrition for

Agenda Sacrifice

Last night I was made aware of how the Agenda has sacrificed millions of human lives for the Dark Ones that rule the Agenda. How the sacrifice has been ongoing not just now, but for ages. Millions of natives of the American continents. I was shown and I saw peoples and tribes that are no longer living today and that I had not seen before. The one tribe I recall the best, they were dark-skinned like South American natives, with long black shiny hair. They wore clothes, please excuse me:

Malik would you please stop touching my breasts here for a moment! I am trying to write! - me
No, because you have eaten apples. - Malik
I have not eaten apples! - me

Damn it Malik is raping me right now and I am trying to write. I can't write while he is doing this. It is not a physical rape. How exactly it... phew, it let go so now I can write again thanks. So these natives wore clothes that have

I was not going to bring her back here. - Malik says to the man I am going to write about next
WE ARE NOT GOING TO SPEAK WITH YOU! - Malik to me, not angry but making sure that I hear

These tribal natives had red ornaments on their costumes and the costumes were made of straps across the chest and back on which they could tie ornaments. The Agenda had killed millions of humans. I was informed of lots more but I forget when I wake up.

It is funny how an Agenda so mighty and powerful is so willing to teach all about its secret plans to me, a mere girl. Why should I need to know? Why would the Dark Lord take its time to explain this to me? Is it because he loves me, that we are lovers? Is it because I grant him my 12-strand genes and genetic offspring?

It is because you feel lust. - Malik says now to answer my question
Thank you Malik, my Fürst. - me
And, if we don't play games today, we will tell you more! - says Hamish the Red Dragon meaning the video games I played for many hours yesterday (while Hamish sat down next to me to watch every minute detail of it)

Damn it! The Agenda keeps

Yes, that is because you feel lust. - Malik

The Agenda keeps giving me drugs and I can't concentrate! I don't know what kind of drug it is that they give me, my guess would be that it is cocaine.

Try mescaline. - Malik
Is this mescaline? - me
Yes it could be none other. - Malik
But, I don't want mescaline! Please don't give it to me! - me
We don't give you a wet rag, to wipe yourself with. - either Hamish or the man thinking about how I could have wiped it off with a wet rag from underneath my nose, aha, so they do place it under my nose like I thought!

Before a sexual attack when I am raped of my sexual energy which they call "juice", the Agenda almost always rubs a white powdery drug under my nose. It makes my sexual energy flare up and then the Agenda drinks it. Note that Draconians never give me the drug before taking my energy, it is only given before activities with hybrids or with human men who work with the Agenda. I will have to be more elaborate in the books as I don't want young people reading here. And when you buy the books (18 years or older) you consent to seeing some disturbing material.

Agenda Prostitute

Anyhow, the attack has now subsided and I can resume to writing. The man I was talking about I met him in the dream state when the Agenda brought me to him. In the dream I was swinging on a swing set and this man came up to me and walked away with me. He did not at all fit in with my dream or my own mindset, he does not belong with me. He kept thinking about the 1980's, perhaps that he hasn't been with a woman or a good woman since then. He told me that he has a "rash" and I told him it's ok. But he told me again that he has a rash so I asked him has he been to a doctor about it? I knew he was taking me away to have sex with me. He wore a colorful thin shirt with short sleeves and blue and light blue in the pattern. He has brown hair and slightly dark skin, Caucasian. Not sure which of the men he is but I have a feeling that he is with my team.

In the dream it was like he took us to a hotel. It was night there. I found myself naked on the floor of a hotel room with the lights off. The window was large and with blinds and some light was seeping in through there. It was as if we were at a tropical island resort, maybe even Hawaii, just the overall feel of the place and hotel and hotel room. He was very pleased with what he saw, he thought I looked like a Playboy Bunny type of thing. Meh.

[censored] ... but then I woke up proper and ended up in a conversation with Malik from the Arcturians.

Sealed Off Pit

The Arcturians told Malik about the importance of kindness, compassion, empathy, love light and consciousness. Malik listened. The Eye pulled my soul's light out maybe as a punishment or maybe to show power, but it wasn't nice. The Arcturians ended up sealing off some of Malik's hungry belly.

You had said that you wanted to be our pimp. - Malik says, pimp means prostitute I don't know why they insist on using the wrong word!
Yes I wanted to. But then I want to stay awake when it happens. Can I not stay awake then? - me
Oh sure! If you want to feel lust! - Malik?
Then I want to stay awake. - me

First the Arcturians placed white lines perpendicular across Malik's black line areas about the belly, then they used black pegs to seal off the belly, by placing several about one centimeter wide square boxes of black into strategical places in his light lines so that the belly would remain black, and unable to ingest the light of souls. This worked and some of his belly has now been sealed and he becomes less able to consume souls of children and others that he consumes.

The Arcturians were finished with Malik (for now) and I too was done speaking to our Dear Fürst. Hamish appeared on the pink bathroom rug that I keep for him on the bedroom floor. He stomped his feet on the rug to push his shedded scales into the soft fibers of the rug. I told Hamish what a good job he is doing, keeping himself and the rug all nice. Just now I am feeling the man who had sex with me. He is feeling very ashamed and miserable about what he did. I then got up from bed and Malik started calling out that he wants to "repent"! "I WANTED TO REPENT I SAAAIIDDD!!!", called out Malik after the Arcturians had sealed off some of his belly's Incubus capabilities. There was then a whole section of talk between me and Malik that will have to go into the books so find them there.

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