The Cetaceans From Andromeda
April 12 2013

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Click on the Image to listen to Dolphin Code!

I am proof-reading the first Orion Project book and in one of the chapters I am inspired by Speak Dolphin, a Dolphin Communication Research initiative, which in December 2011 inspired me to ask my new Reptilian friend some in-depth questions. (See how that goes - or not goes - in the first Orion Project book coming out soon!)

So I revisit the link and go to listen to the CDs made by the center. When I listen to the second CD, called Dolphin Code, I have one of the most spectacular moments of my life. Throughout the experience, me being a so-called scientist I try to dismiss the experience altogether. "This isn't happening, this isn't happening, I am a scientist I am imagining this it isn't happening". But it was happening, and it changed my life forever, and the meaning of this universe. I learned so much from the Dolphin and the Humpback Whale. Click on the above image to find the Dolphin website and CD clip!

As I listened to Dolphin Code I literally had goosebumps and a strong experience. Then. Suddenly. A Dolphin made telepathic contact. How this happens I do not know, but I do know it is a shame for humans to try to explain and experience this world through human senses. We humans are primitive and senseless creatures. There are telepathic Aliens in this world, and turns out from this experience I now learned that the Cetaceans also are telepathic creatures, far more advanced than humans are.

What I felt I cannot explain in man-made words, only that it was strong, spectacular, phenomenal. The Dolphin reverberated throughout my entire being, it sent me emotions and feelings, messages, and it was able to transcribe so that it spoke in English words in my language, the way the Aliens do it too.

The first thing the Dolphin told me was to be happy. Why are humans always so sad? he said. His message to humanity was that humans have to be happy. And we need to feel love. Just be happy!, he said to me. I told him that we humans hurt one another and that is why we are always so sad. He said it was as simple as choosing to be happy and to feel love. I told him that I would try, I promised him that I would try.

He told me that the most beautiful thing is to make love. That the Dolphins make love to each other often. And I could see and sense from him how the dolphins do it. How they connect with one another on a spiritual level. The Dolphin told me that when humans have sex it is only selfish and we do it just to feel good ourselves, and that is not the way to do it. (Humans also feel shame about sex and the Dolphins, I learned, do not.) The Dolphin expressed to me the wonder of making a baby. And why don't humans love their babies? All you need to do is to love your baby, he said. He directed his attention to my belly and checked to see if I had a baby in me. He said that when the time comes that I am pregnant I should come to see him and he would speak to my baby while it is in my belly.

I told the Dolphin that humans don't always enjoy having babies because it hurts to have childbirth. The Dolphin told me that they speak to the babies while they are in the womb and then during childbirth they tell the baby instructions on how to be delivered and it helps. The Dolphin would speak to my baby when I have childbirth, he said. I was just crying the whole time trying to be a scientist and dismiss the whole experience. But it was real. The Dolphin spoke to me. The Dolphin said that in the Dolphin Code (the CD on the website) the Dolphins had wanted to tell the humans about Love.

The Dolphin said that they were Andromedans. Dolphins had been seeded by Andromedans and the Andromedan people incarnate their spirits into dolphins so that they can live on Earth and teach humans messages of love. They are our teachers here. I could see images of space and the dolphin showed me Andromeda from outer space. All those paintings people make of dolphins against a background of outer space, I now became one of those people I wanted to paint what I saw.

Then I connected to a Humpback Whale. I could see its eye and it looked into my eye with his. He called me Little one. Look at your hands you don't have flippers, he said. I told him that I could swim too, only that it was more difficult. I said I would love to swim with him and the whales and I would love to put my hand on his flipper to touch him. He then told me to instead put my hand on his head above the eye so that he could feel me better. And I am still crying and I can't stop crying because they are so living and beautiful and they are conscious people much more so than any human ever was or will be.

I never thought that this would happen to me. I am a scientist. I have trained science for seven years. I can do chemistry labs and physics experiments and make measurements and explain theories and data and present reality in a proven sense. I am supposed to discard my own feelings and personal perspective to report on things only that we all can share in evidence that is proven and factual, impersonal and scientific. But there is life in this universe and the Dolphins and Whales were seeded from Andromeda. And they are far more than technology, cars, electricity, computers, cellular phones. They are telepathic and highly conscious, they are far more living than all of humanity. They know far more about the universe than humans ever dared to even dream about.

The Humpback Whale showed me in feelings and in images what the Humpback Whales do here on Earth. They dive deep and they connect with the powers of planet Earth. The magnetic, the geological, they work to balance the planet Earth so that we have fewer volcanic eruptions. They keep the planet alive, and yes I know this does not sound scientific, but Humpback Whales speak to the Earth and balance it and they are highly conscious living beings from Andromeda. It is not that they don't speak to us, it is that humans are primitive and they cannot listen. There is more life and more soul in one Humpback Whale than in all of humanity and I still can't stop crying.

The Humpback Whale told me that annually they go south to have a meeting with other Humpback Whales and to make love. I told him that we humans know that, we know that the whales migrate to the southern and northern seas to eat and mate. I then felt from him how he feels afterwards about having to migrate back so that the whales can spread out and go back to working with balancing the planet.

When I told him that I cannot stay under water for a long time because I need to breathe he told me that I could sit on his back on top of his head, he would stay at the surface for me. Just imagine that he lives somewhere out there in the sea and that if I go to visit the whales then I can talk to them. They are so beautiful and living, if any human being values the meaning of conscious human life in themselves or in their loved ones or in the rest of humanity, then you must extend that by thousandfolds to the Cetaceans and love them even more. Because they are far more living and conscious life than any human will ever be. I am changed forever and this was a wonderful surprise and I did not know that the whales and dolphins were conscious creatures from Andromeda.

When I told the Dolphin that the dolphins had evolved on Earth, he told me that I did not understand the meaning of evolution and how species come into being. The Dolphin told me that the humans were also seeded. When I asked by whom, he said that it was Zeta who had seeded the humans. The dolphins and whales are Andromedans. They use these bodies of dolphins and whales to do powerful work here on Earth that we humans do not even understand. The Dolphins are here to teach us humans about Love, and the Humpback Whales are here balancing the geophysical planet. The Humpback Whale told me that this used to be done by a creature that looked like a big white giant squid, but those were no longer here doing it.

The Dolphin even noticed Hamish the Red Draconian Reptile and talked to Hamish and really acknowledged and saw what Hamish is on every level. Malik wasn't happy about the Whales because Malik felt that he was inferior to them and didn't like to be made aware that he truly was powerless. The Dolphin told me not to give my Ida Pingala Shushumna to the dark Draconians. When I told the Dolphin and Whale that this Earth belongs to the dolphins and whales, not us, the Dolphin said that the land belongs to humans, the oceans to them, he said, We share!

If we humans try to understand the meaning of contact with a being who is more conscious more living than ourselves then in that meeting we must embrace ourselves in the encounter fully and let go of our own selves, because they are more than us. We cannot possibly conceive to explain another entity through ourselves through our own thinking when it is more than us.

And so it becomes a learning experience. - says the Dolphin

I want to take the time, some day, to really fully listen to the Dolphins and Whales and have them write a book with me to all of humanity. This book would be given free of charge, as it is the Dolphins to all of humankind.

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I was browsing for a blue color for the title and the Dolphin quote from this website and tried two different blue colors and still wasn't happy with either one and about to choose a third. The Dolphin reconnected with me and said "let me choose one" since the page written was about them. The color that you see is the one the Dolphin had chosen.

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