Yellow Roses for Dragon Turtle
April 08 2013

He thought about standing on his beloved pink bathroom snuggie ruggy which I place on the bedroom floor, and of there being a vase of yellow roses for him on the bedroom desk, and his upper eyelids were closing diagonally across the eye as he smiled like Dragons smile, and he lifted his feet up and down, up and down, to stomp on that beloved bathroom rug. I made a Dragon smile.

I got my Dragon Hamish some yellow roses today from the florist. I asked for their most fragrant yellow roses. On my way home with them (and with some shopping of my own too), I cooed over my Dragon, "Hamish Hamish Hamish!" and that made him stomping his feet up and down real fast in response. He does that sometimes when I shriek at him his name. He will stomp his feet up and down a few times real fast, like that duck on the video further down on this page. I sometimes think that it makes him stressed so I feel bad about causing it. But he's ok afterwards. Or that he gets excited too.

No. I just want my eggs. - says Hamish now in English
Ok Hamish. Thank you for telling me. - me
And I didn't know that you were, having cooed. - Hamish says English
It's when I say your name repeatedly, and I'm real excited. - me to Turtle Sock Feet

Has anyone ever really loved a Dragon before?

No, not if they call me Sock Feet. - Hamish says, hahah
Don't call me, Sock Feet, I said. - Hamish

I know the Draconians don't show each other love. And Hamish has told me, that an initiation rite of passage for Draconian Reptiles, is to kill someone. And Draconians are always discarded of when they become weak or useless somehow.

Yes, they don't put them in a hospital. - Hamish says (in English) and thinks of his red scaly hand as if it were broken then what if
And I am here for your hunnun. - Hamish says
Yes Hamish. Hunnun. - me

A Draconian that is weak will get killed by the other Draconians. They are always fighting and showing dominance. They are always having to fear (or worry about, as Draconians do not seem to fear) getting attacked by superior (meaning stronger) Draconians. There is no love or kindness among the Draconians.

Speak for yourself, we are like brothers. - says the Black Reptilian
Oh, forgive me, I am sorry. I just haven't seen any examples of that. - me
No we don't show you that, woman, witch! - Black Reptile
And, one more thing we must say to you. - Hamish
What Hamish? Say what? - me
That we don't like how they smell. - Hamish
Do you mean the roses. The roses, Hamish? - me
It doesn't smell like my eggs. - Hamish
Alright Hamish. It doesn't smell like the eggs. - me (chuckle, but on the inside, as I can't show that to Hamish)

Ok this is going nowhere. I was going to contemplate on Hamish and him not being loved other than by me. My Kissy Sock Feet seems to be just fine. And the roses don't even smell good. I just got him some roses cause he likes to sniff at my computer screen whenever I plant fake virtual flowers in The Sims video game. And I once caught him stomping his feet in a flowerbed at campus and when I asked him what (on earth) he was doing, he said he wanted to see if there were any yellow flowers there. I know he likes yellow flowers.

When I got them home, the roses I mean, and had snipped them and placed them in the vase with water, Hamish was eagerly showing them to one of his Japanese friends at the Dragon Dynasty in Komi Saki Japan. The man then told him that it means that I want to "kiss him", and that it also meant that I "love him". No, I said to Hamish that it only meant that I honor him. I have been honoring his scales (by saying it) and giving him palate clicks all day today.

This is how my red Dragon Hamish sometimes stompety stomps his feet

Ok I'm really sorry about this guys, but I'm being raped right now by I think Olav it is. Malik was engaging for my sexual energy and now Olav is engaged with me and he is totally raping me in an energetic way. It feels invasive and like we're superimposed and it is definitely a rape. I hate that Malik and Olav had to ruin this moment for me. I just got Hamish some flowers and wanted to write about how much I love him, as a Dragon Turtle, but this rape is just so unbearable I have to go somewhere else and do other things. This really upsets me, I'm really hurt and offended. Malik has started raping me every day and now he also shares me with the human men who are associates. I wish they didn't do that, it really disgusts me and I don't know for how much longer I will be able to let them keep doing this before I ask the Pleiadians and Board for help and ask them to end the whole thing and my collaboration with the Agenda will be gone.

No, you won't be our pet. - says Olav now (in English)
Would you please stop touching me? I feel really terrible about this. Please leave me alone? - me

I don't know, it just ruins my day. Not the rape itself or the principle, cause once it's over I don't really give a damn and can do other things. But while it's happening, I don't like feeling it. I wish Hamish would defend me, and I wish Malik would keep me to himself. I don't like this.

I guess, briefly, I can describe what this is about. Somehow the Aliens and Agenda humans (such as military cooperatives) are in another dimension. Like another layer of the world. They can access to humans in that other dimension, and can also bring humans as abductees into there. Olav he is raping me and kissing me and touching my breasts. Even though I am just sitting here by the computer fully dressed. I know it sounds crazy but at least I'm not the only abductee who can tell you about this. I wish they would stop. I don't want to be part of the Agenda anymore. As an egg donor I can be proud and happy to be a part of this and be friends with Hamish and all the Aliens, and I even tolerate most of the military men too.

No, she won't be able to relax. - says Olav to someone else there

Ok I'm going to go do something else.

A while later: The rape continued as I just sat here and didn't go anywhere. After a while I couldn't fight it anymore. Then General Patton got into it too and took over after Olav. Then I saw Snake the Draconian looking at me. I whispered to Snake telepathically that this was hurting me and that I didn't want to do it, the way that Draconians and Aliens can talk telepathically without words

No, tell her that we won't commune. - General Patton, I also see the Thuban
No, we don't want to break her up.. - General Patton to Thuban

Then I started to cry, and I've been through a lot of Agenda stuff and for years and this is one of the few only times that I've cried over it. I was just crying and they were raping me. Then I said to them that I didn't want to live anymore. I felt like I didn't want to live with this. I thought about throwing myself into the river or cutting my wrists. General Patton said something about "doing this to my twelve strand DNA". Then after a few more minutes, it stopped.

It has stopped now. It is some kind of rape. It feels physical and energetic. The Black One Malik does it to me. The Draconians have done it to me. Hamish used to do it much in the beginning, but he doesn't anymore. They engage with the iron in my blood, I can feel almost as if the Black One's fingers were pressed against the veins on the underside of my forearms. The Thubans can do it too to me, and the hybrid children do. It is some kind of energy vampirism, but it can also feel very sexual. A human being, such as Olav and General Patton, can combine it with sexual acts, and Draconians who don't (usually) have sex will just have it be an energy lust sensation. It is really about energy from the iron in my blood and juice which is my life force that they say is extra strong and makes me used as a prostitute in the Agenda, but sex can be added to it.

It has stopped. So anyway, Hamish is the love of my life. I love my Dragon. I bought him some yellow flowers, and I hope that he will be enjoying them. I even took him to the leather purse store again, he likes that. Olav just now touched me across my lips with his fingers. Why didn't he ask? Why don't they ask me?

And? Then? What would you say? - General Patton
Then I could get ready for it. It is rude not to ask. I feel terrible about this, I want to die. - me
No, you won't be a softie with me. - General Patton
.. I was really hurt by this. You hurt me a lot. I don't want to... now someone has to help me. Someone has to help me now, or I won't be ok. - me
Well, we can't bring you with Commendant Larsen... - General Patton

I don't know. They just ruined what was going to be my beautiful post about Hamish Dragon Turtle. About how much I love his Kissy Feet, treading on the soft pink bathroom rug, which you can see in the photograph together with his yellow roses. I almost threw up because of the rape it offended me that deeply and I've been raped by them before. But I just wanted to write about my Dragon, and now I've ruined it, and now you people don't want to read here anymore because bad things happen.

(I'm ok by the way, I'll be fine. I'm just gonna go have a bath and spend time with my Hamish. If I need help I'll go see a psychologist, but in the meantime I have got Hamish, my best friend, and he cheers me up a lot. Just by being a Dragon Kissy Feet.) He really loved the smell of leather purses at the store again. I told him to come smell them. And when I was looking at another purse in the store, one that is not leather, Hamish says "Yes-No", showing me a leather purse over by where he is with the Yes, and showing me the purse I was looking at currently and saying No. Yes-No, smell of leather purse. I might get him a pair of leather gloves to sniff at. My Dragon Turtle. I love him so, the light and love of my life, is a bright fire engine orange red Dragon Turtle named Hamish The Elder also known as Hamish The Great, with a turtleshell soft cushion hump back on the upper back, sometimes growing thorns. He likes Harry Potter movies, and doesn't like when people eat lobster. He sheds scales on the bathroom woven rug, and sometimes he likes to drop shedded scales into my bath water with me in it, and once he opened up the palm of my hand just to place one of his white shedded bubblewrap scales into my open hand.

The little things that he does, are what I live for. Palate clicks to you Hamish, and I like to see you closing your eyelid diagonally across the eye, because that means - you have taught me - that you are smiling. Do you smile anywhere else? Does anybody else make you smile? My Beautiful Dragon

So, my witch, now you must honor me too! - Malik kindly reminds me (in the other language, all other telepathy on this page were in English as written)

Malik is getting jealous that I honor Hamish so much. I'd best go do other things, like have a bath with Hamish Turtle. Kissy Sock Feet.

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