April 05 2013

It was an emotional tumultuous experience when an Alien Research organization wrote to me to make contact. And it is that contact this thoughts page is about.

They would like to investigate my case of alien research, and also help me with the alien contact. They would also like for me to star in their tv show about alien contact. I receive many emails from you readers, mostly people having questions about Draconians, many of which are of the format "Is it true that...?", because the Draconian Agenda is still shrouded in mystery. The questions are many and varied. We also get emails from people sharing their own stories, about alien contact, and also military abductions, mostly the gruesome stories like what I write about. But this was a first, for an alien research organization or individual to make contact with me and about my case.

I have been writing the Orion Project since its very beginning when the Orion man contacted me in August 2011. Ever since then, I have written down more than 99% of everything they say to me. All of our conversations, and also what happens to me with the contact. Experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

We just want your eggs, tell them that. - says Thuban now

Yes, and even though it is only about the eggs for the Alien team, for me, perhaps as a human emotional woman, it is a lot more than that. I have feelings and thoughts, and I grow as a person from every life experience. These aliens are perhaps not so much alien encounters, but people in my life. They shape who I am as a person. They are the ones I share life with. It is Hamish with me in the mornings. We live life together, and I grow into something, someone, I would not have been without them. They have become the people that shape my life.

At first I felt nervous, scared, hesitant, about this approach from the alien research team. I was surprisingly taken aback by their contact. It is funny to say, that I reacted more strongly to this approach from the human investigation team, than I even was that day when the Orion man first spoke. Or when the Dinosaur contacted me while I was in the classroom at college. Or that day when Hamish first appeared, as if jumped through a portal and into my room, where he would be ever since, with me every day. Those were all things normal to me. I have embraced the aliens.

I was ok with them taking my eggs. Scraping cell samples from my back and mouth. Looking at my privates. Abductions. Watching me in the bath and on the toilet. Well, I struggled when I was told to stop drinking orange soda. I did take more iron when they told me to. They lived with me every day and in my thoughts and in my life. Hamish confiscated my bathroom rug, which is now his bathroom snuggie ruggy. Hamish and me watch television together, and he drops his shedded scales into my bath water sometimes when I have a bath. But for an alien research team to make contact? To say hello, through a friendly email? After hundreds of pages of telepathic contact with the aliens, this one email from fellow humans, affected me more.

Why did it do that, would you say? - Dinosaur I think
Well, I am about to tell them that. - me
Yes, because we would like to know. - Thuban or Dinosaur

I was deeply affected when they wrote me, and what they said. Why?

Perhaps it is because I have an audience, and it finally hit me. Ever since the first day I had Orion contact, I actually wrote to the SETI Institute telling them all about it! And I continued to write. So much in fact, that I am turning those letters into a book which will be titled, Letters to SETI. Because I never received a reply. Over the past year and a half, I have written them tons of emails and never received a reply. But I continued to write, about aliens, about evidence, about why I knew they were real, and how I would like to prove it to them. Those letters became a silent monologue about alien contact, more in depth than just the telepathic conversations that I sent to them. Sometimes more contemplative and personal than this website.

I guess I feel like SETI must feel that day when they (officially) are contacted by ET. What? Is someone out there? SETI sends hundreds of messages perhaps into outer space, knowing that no one will listen, but they feel compelled and have to send it out there anyway. So imagine my surprise when there is intelligent human life, who wants to investigate alien contact. So I felt surprised, and disrupted from my thought bubble that had been all alone and wrapped in my own thoughts. It has been just me and Hamish, the Orion man, Dinosaur, Malik, Thuban, and all the others. Now the door is open and someone else is coming in.

At first I felt uneasy about it. Worried. Nervous. It has been just me and Hamish. Even the website has been like a silent monologue. Like my personal journal, although I write it hoping that others will read it and share in the joy of alien contact and fun of alien discovery. Aha, there is a CIA man here now watching. He doesn't seem angry, so let me continue with my thoughts.

So, you think they are an alien? We are here to tell you that they are not. - blonde CIA man
Hello Mr. Debunker. You are ruining my journal entry, because now you are getting in it. - me
We don't want them to take a bath with you. - CIA
Why not! I love it when Hamish comes bathe with me, although he doesn't bathe with me, he just stays with me there. It is great fun with a Dragon! He starts grooming himself on the rug, like a bird that brushes its feathers, or a cat licking its fur. It's a big red space Dragon, named Hamish, and he grooms his scales when I bathe. And I like it. - me

Almost like I was having a private moment, with just me and Hamish and the Aliens, and now someone else is coming along. I can't explain any better how I felt, even though there was more to how I was feeling about it.

Then my emotions went from surprise and fear, to feeling protective and private about Hamish and my Aliens. Do I really want to let someone close to my Aliens?

I am sorry, but they are not a bird roughing its feathers. - CIA
No, it is a Dragon. - me
And? What are they more to you? - CIA
They are my, Kissy Feet Turtle. My Space Dragon. - me
I am here to tell you to stop it. - CIA
Why? Don't take Hamish away from me. Or what else?, I should say. - me
Or we will come here, and get you. - CIA
Why would you do such a thing? - me
Because they don't just want your eggs, moron! - CIA or General Patton
What else do they want? Besides eggs. - me

But then a third set of emotions washed over me, and those were very pleasant. Because suddenly I thought to ask, in my reply email, "Tell me, is my Hamish Dragon the first and only RED Draconian we have ever come across?", and "As for his hump back soft cushion on the upper back growing thorns?" I suddenly got real excited about finally exchanging notes with someone.

Other people with the Orions? People who've seen and met the Dinosaurs! Reptilian lovers. People who've seen the scales. Or even tumbled with them. Have other people seen the upside down yellow pyramid on the Orion workers' uniforms? Met the Alpha Centauri people in those underground mines?

Please, don't write about us, or they will kill us all! - Alpha Centauri person says with despair, man I'm sensitive my thoughts go right to them all

Are there other people out there in this world, who too have a Red Kissy Dragon like Hamish? Who wake up every morning with a Dragon Turtle stepping on their soft rugs, greeting them with a palate click, and saying "No!, Santa!", and hissing at the picture of Spiderman on a DVD case? Who experience day to day life with the Aliens? Whose lives are changed, forever, by these Alien contacts, both for the better and worse. Who've met with the North Port Gargoyle perhaps, and who've made plans with him to go see him? Woken up in the Thuban laboratory, and met with those creepy hybrids?

Who've had something change deep inside of them, just from looking upon a man that is not human, with scales, with those eyelids that cover the eye, and a long tail, that slithers. Who always ask for permission before sitting on the couch. Draconian Aliens, that hide in the night. And that come out to look at you when you sleep. Other people, who too have got alien contact. That will be very meaningful for me. And I welcome them as an inclusion into my life, to take part in the Orion Project.

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