Strange Happenings
April 02 2013

Strange Happenings

Last night and today's Alien happenings. Last night I had interesting dreams, into which was baked in an Alien abduction experience. If you think about when you go to someone's house when you are invited to a dinner party. It is your hosts that set the mood and atmosphere and their planning is what make your experience, your impressions, your memories. They are the ones that create that evening for you, and you are their guest to take that all in. Like guided on a journey that they have crafted for you for that night. Their choice of music, food, decorating, speeches, events, everything. An Alien abduction is a similar experience. You are a guest in someone else's home. And they set the tone and mood, they are the designers of your experience. You are just a guest having the experience that was catered to you.

An Alien abduction chez my Thubans is always a very odd experience. It is interesting being in their home, taking part in their thoughts. To be in the place made by their opinions, by their beliefs, their way of doing things. Not only is all from the decor and people in there alien but so too is the very concept underlying what takes place. Strange things happen, when you are at the Thuban place. Strange things indeed.

You don't have to write like that about us. - says a Thuban now in the other (European) language
You don't have to write "chez" with us. - Thuban in English now
It just means, "at your place", over there. - me
Yes, but you were not here, "with us". - Thuban English
I thought I was. Last night. Was I only dreaming? - me
Yes, but you were not "chez", with us. So, please revise that for a moment. - Thuban English
You were just here! But not chez. - Thuban English
"Chez" is French for "at the home of". I thought I was there with you last night. - me English
Yes. - Thuban English
But you don't have to write about us. We just don't like it. - Thuban English feeling offended and genuinely sad
We don't want people to come here looking for us. - Dinosaur perhaps, English
I am sorry. I am just keeping a journal entry. Lots of people keep a journal. I write a diary, about this. - me English
Yes but don't write chez we said! - Hamish English
What is the fuss with a French word? Quit it already, guys. It just means "at the home of"! - me English
We don't want the military to come here. - Hamish English
I'm not sending military to you. I was happy to visit you. And so no one will cause trouble. - me English
So. Don't say "chez", again. - Dinosaur perhaps, English

One of the first things I remember is I am indoors in a room somewhere. Not like a white hospital room, something more like a room on Earth, perhaps. A human man is there in the room with me. He has brown hair and he is sweating profusely all over. Then he gets undressed completely naked and uses a bar of soap to lather himself all over starting with the head and hair. My thought is that it is a good idea, as sweaty as he was. Then I am naked too and I am supposed to wash myself while in the same room. I tell myself not to feel embarrassed with the Zeta/Thuban female watching, or that the Zeta/Thuban told me without words not to feel embarrassed. So I am not embarrassed. I start to wash myself too, with another bar of soap. There isn't any water yet but I am lathering myself.

Yes, we treated you like a dog here. - one of the Thuban aliens English
I am not a dog, I am a human. - me English
We didn't want you to wash yourself, there. - Thuban Eng
What do you mean? - me Eng
So, the insects have been at you, huh? - Jack with the NASA team Eng
... Yes. - me Eng
So. What did they make you do? Besides wash yourself, I mean. - Jack Eng
Well. That's what I'm trying to piece together. They mostly, have an unhealthy fixation with human sexuality. - me Eng

I don't recall more from that scene and place. In the next scene, an adult man is brought in. It is clear that he is retarded. The chubby Illuminati hybrids are somewhat retarded, each individual to a different degree, but bless their hearts they are fine and I love them like brothers. This man brought in is not an Illuminati hybrid, ie. not one of the white ones with shark teeth, but he too is a large man, with an oddly shaped head almost a pointy back of the head and bald. They are treating him like a sextoy. I am told that this man can be made to do anything sexual at all, just tell him and he will do it. They treat him like a dog. He has to wear a collar like a dog, and they make him get down on all fours. He complies. I am appalled, that they would treat a person, let alone a handicapped disabled man, this way. I am sorry to say but the Thubans have an unhealthy fascination and use of human sexuality.

I could remember more scenes when I woke up from the encounter. I had that clear "Alien experience" feel to the whole sequence of events. That I had been in a strange place and with strange people and under strange circumstances and in a place woven by strange beliefs and practices.

About the Thubans

I first met the Thubans in April 2012 when the one I call "Female" in the first Orion Project book (book coming up soon, is in the making nearly finished), and later called "Lady Zeta", showed up accompanying Snake the Reptilian. Lady Thuban's first ever assignment with me was to threaten to hit me with the white bat. This was to protect Snake as he made the approach to jump on me, and perhaps also to instill a flare of fear or sexual energy in me for Snake's pleasure. It was a whole, bizarre experience where both Snake and Lady Thuban derived sadistic sexual pleasure from treating me as a victim.

The Thubans are white praying mantis that used to be dolphins or whales in the Alpha Draconis seas. They work with the Draconian Agenda. Some who work with the Draconian Agenda were forced to work there and despise it and are against it, such as the Alpha Orions and Dinosaurs who are there but they don't want to be. Then we have the Zeta Greys and Thubans, who seem to have accepted and approved of their collaboration with the Draconian Reptiles, and express pride and confidence in their job assignment as Agenda collaborators.

The Thubans are a strange people. Never before have I come across any mention or reference to these creatures in other alien literature, not in tv documentaries or written accounts. Sure, lots of people talk about the Praying Mantis ET, and Thubans are those. But I sure was not expecting such an alien encounter, as I have with the Thubans.

Most of what the Thubans do is so horrific that I have had to censor it off my website. I write about it in my personal notes and of course these acts that I find vile are reflected in the notes of telepathic conversation. I choose to publish all of it uncensored in the Orion Project books. Many human taboos are broken, and I am still so shocked and horrified by Thuban behavior that I am still trying to find ways of expressing it.

Draconian Reptiles are vicious in a way, they like to feel dominating and powerful. But the Thubans are vicious in a whole different way

We like to make the children play circus. - says Thuban now in English
I don't wanna know. I know it's sexual. - me Eng
Yes. It pleases us. - Thuban Eng
We make them sit on animals here too. - Thuban Eng
What kind of animals. - me English I dare not to ask I mumble
What animals. - me English

The Thubans have a sexual sadism that is intricately cruel and heartless, whereas the sadism that derives pleasure for the Draconian Reptilians is more of a clean-cut and decent kind, if you know what I mean. While the Draconians love certain things, they do not disgust me in that deep fashion as the Thubans can. I honestly can't describe it, but there is something more disgusting about the Thuban interest in sexual sadism. While the Thubans and Draconians both enjoy similar activities of cruelty, they each experience it in a different flavor. Not once have I been upset or devastated with the Reptilians. But the Thubans somehow tick me off. I can't explain it.

Thubans are really very sensitive animals. They feel many things. Their own thoughts and the Thuban communication, which among themselves includes rubbing their forearms together, like crickets do to chirp with their wings, are colorful, vibrant, and paint beautiful landscapes of impressions and thought. But for some reason the Thubans act just like Nazi Gestapo with hybrids, humans, Alpha Orions, and Dinosaurs. They act cruel and ruthless, mean, vicious, and sadistic. And I don't know why. I don't quite understand them.

Thubans are quick to use corporal punishment. There are frequent threats of the white bat and other forms of physical injury to be inflicted on those hybrids that do not obey orders. The Thubans are cruel.

When I first met the Thuban Nazi Lady on that night when Snake did his conquest on me, she was cruel and heartless. In the following days and weeks, Thuban Lady became more involved in my alien contacts, and she brought me into contact with the hybrid children. I wanted to welcome them all into my life. To be kind and gracious to them, to let them into my heart. But it didn't take long until I was screaming at them and even threatening Thubans and hybrids with murder if they didn't leave. They are ever so cruel and heartless. What are the words... tyrant, sadist, heartless, cruel, torturer, impudent, arrogant, racist, vicious, mean, evil. I have threatened them many times. And it is all unnecessary. They could have learned how to treat someone with kindness. I would have been their best friend. Why are they so mean and cruel?

We didn't mean to be! We just got that way. - Thuban now English
And we think that it is great, that you haven't eaten any sugar. - Thuban English
I have stopped eating sugar now, like Hamish wanted, as the only gift I could think of after what happened with his scales ending up in the washing machine. It was my gift to Hamish, to try to make up for him.
Yes, and I also get my eggs. - Hamish now in English
Yes, Hamish. I love you Hamish. - me
My eggs are here! - Hamish English exhilirated not angry

The Thubans refuse to show kindness, respect, friendship and tolerance toward humans and hybrids. I would be such a compliant, friendly, and kind abductee for them. I would subject myself to all manner of tests and treatments and be happy to have them in my life. I would even take part in some of their sexual experiments and programs, except I still contend that the hybrid children are too young, and I will not engage with sexually with someone - whether human or alien or hybrid - who is not consenting, I will not do rape, incest, or pedophilia. But the Thubans want rape, incest, and pedophilia. And I have already said too much, I can't write this on the internet, please forgive me.

Did you ever see a gorilla with a kitten in its arms? How it treats it like a baby? Humans can keep all kinds of animals as pets, or take care of them at the zoo. Did you ever wonder what it would be like, if it were a different animal, tending to other animals at the zoo? What if an animal tended to humans. That is what happens here. Would an intelligent species be able to know and to understand all - or many at least - of the intricacies of the functioning of another species? Do we humans really understand our cats and dogs and our pets, to treat them with respect and to fully enable their natural behavior? In my opinion and based on my observations, the Thubans are not fit to have any humans or human hybrid offspring in their captivity or under their care. Human sexuality is completely misunderstood and mistreated by these alien creatures.

They even keep humans - real humans, not just hybrid mixes - there with the Zetas and Thubans as pets. I've seen that. I've been there. The Zetas once took me to their zoo and put me in naked with a human young man and wanted the two of us to have sex while they would watch. Thubans and Zetas are completely ruthless when it comes to human sexuality. They act completely careless, disrespectful, and harmful. They refuse to understand how human sexual behavior ties in to our mental health and identity, the potential for psychiatric and emotional harm and suffering from careless acts. How sensitive and delicate we are, we humans and any of our offspring. There is no compassion in the Thubans, but at least they could treat this as a scientific medical understanding. To think of mental injury as another form of damage similar to organ failure or physical damage. Sexuality may not be a physical construct, but it is a sensitive system that ties in to our mental world of identity, behavior, emotions and well-being, and if mistreated, can sever that delicate mental system that lies across our neuron networks and gives rise to a living, conscious, sentient person who feels and sees and thinks and is alive and in whom the whole world is constructed every day that they see, feel, hear, and touch. To break a human - or hybrid - person by sexual neglect is terrible violence. They should treat human sexuality as a delicate physiological system.

Thuban is now communicating to me in images and without words that the hybrids end up in the forest where they are ... injured by the Draconians. I am sorry, I can't write about this stuff. I don't want to tell you this story, about the Draconian Agenda.

I thought that I could be a scientist. A scientist makes observations and records notes and processes the information and then presents it to the world, with full intent of being accurate, complete, and clear. Alien contact. Real Alien contact. For real. With real aliens. And it is happening to me. And I wanted to tell you all. But I can't. This story of Draconian involvement on Earth and in space is perhaps a story not unlike what goes on in the biology of Earth. Predators eat prey.

We are not the Queens, but we want you to think of us as one. - says Thuban now in English
Why are you a Queen? - me
No! Stop it! - Snake Reptilian English yells out in despair over something
We are no longer The Majestic Four. Tell them that. - chubby Illuminati hybrid
Because we have been broken up. Dismantled. - IM hybrid continues

Would Alien life be a beautiful story? Like a flower in bloom, like the sunset, like the stars in the sky at night, glistening like snowflakes? Someone beautiful and friendly, who says "Hello". That life could be a beautiful story. Where we see someone else from outer space, and in them we see all that was ever beautiful in ourselves. Where we can leave behind wars, and famine, and people harming other people in the world, and see a conscious sentient alien life that has acchieved all that was ever beautiful in us. Or do we find something that is more like an insect. Eat and be eaten. The laws of biology, crude, ruthless, survival instincts, selfishness, power, war and rule. Greed, not sharing. War, not peace. Taking, not giving. Is that what SETI is all about, is that all the life we will ever encounter, out in space? Where we find other eyes looking at us but eyes that are not friendly. Eyes that see not a friendship and kin in us, but potential meals, or something to be sexually exploited? Where all poetry, music, religious beauty, peace, love, and all good that human kind has ever acchieved, was completely overlooked.

Creatures, Draconians, that see to themselves not to others. That are only interested in me because of my hunnun. Snake who wants to cuddle me, and at first I get pleased and excited and want to cuddle with him too. But he is only interested in the 5 liters of blood in me.

How could intelligent life not discover themselves and others and the beauty in life? How can someone be intelligent, sentient, have technological provess, the ability to communicate with other life from other worlds and to understand one another, to build cities, to construct hierarchies and civilizations and societies, and a way of structured life, yet not hold the slightest respect for what life means? Or to see it in eyes of other races, other than only in their own eyes, and eyes of their own race, or not even in themselves. Draconians don't know about beauty, they don't know about love. All they know is hunger, and survival for the fittest, where fit means to be strong, and ruthless, selfish and filled with greed.

What is Hamish? He is a red Dragon Turtle, with scales. He is my best friend in the world, because in him I have somehow found life. I understand myself, through him. I share life with him. I am not alone in the universe with him. He is my best friend in the world, Dragon Turtle.

We don't want you to say Kissy Feet. - Hamish now English

I love Hamish. And I always will. I will always love my Dragon Turtle. He is a living creature, with red scales.

Snake doesn't feel pain because of that, but now you have to stop. - Snake in the other language, jealous

So, let's get back on track. Happenings from last night, and happenings from during today. While I was at work, Hamish the Red Reptile showed up extra special clear behind me. He was all bright orange red, with that turtleshell back hump cushion on his upper back, and in his upright standing fashion not the slumped camel turtle posture. He watched me ever so carefully. I think he was watching because he knew that me and my boyfriend had made plans to have sex this afternoon. We've only done that that one time a couple weeks ago and our plan was to meet up again for that today. I did not know that Hamish was aware. They know everything, the Aliens. But instead I was given a double shift at work. I think that's what Hamish was watching me for. He wants to see if I would accidentally fertilize and ruin his hunnun.

Snake showed up on the bus on my way home. He said he wanted to marry me. Because if we get married, it is customs that he would get to drink some of my blood. And then I would drink some of his blood. And then when we make out after that blood sharing ritual, it would feel so much more intense than it ever has, if we got married that way. I said I would consider his proposal.

Hamish showed up on the bus later after Snake had gone. One of the things Hamish said, was, "No, Santa!" and he gave me a mental thought image of the red santa gnome that had been sitting in the flower pot on the living room coffee table all Christmas. He doesn't like things of red color.

When I got home Snake wonders if I have 5 liters of blood in me. I say to him that maybe a full grown man has five liters and that I as a woman probably have 3 liters of blood in me. Then Snake wants to see my anal opening. I go have a shower and he keeps talking about wanting to see it. While I'm on the toilet peeing, either Hamish or both Hamish and Snake say they want to see me poo. I say that I can't do it today maybe tomorrow. Snake still said while I showered that he wanted to see my anal opening. I said to him that I'm a human and I'm not gonna show it to him it's private. He says that he has one too, although his is located in another place on the body. I tell Snake that I have seen Hamish's poo on the rocks by the creek where he goes to bathe and to wash up so it's ok.

Wow. That's about it. All of today's and last night's Alien happenings. Can I go to bed now?

We don't want you to say to them, that we are rude. - Thuban English
But you are rude sometimes? - me
Only when we don't get what we want. - Thuban
But I'm always nice to you and you're rude anyways. - me
Why don't you want to have some bridal sex? - Hamish? otherwise Snake

Next Day Update

Also while at work yesterday (the day this page was written) I was told by Snake that the Russians were upset with me. I had revealed the Russians' plans to take over the world, he said. I said I did not know they had those plans, and that everybody already knows. Why tell some woman about your top secret military plans only to keep her under threat of murdering family and getting upset? I don't think that's proper military behavior. Olav Vetti should act like a grown man.

And while on the bus on my way home, Hamish had also told me I have "food" here for him, and he pointed to my lady parts. In Hamish's thoughts, he wanted to open my labia up with his hand to show me where his "food" was. For those of you for whom this is not already obvious, Hamish is of course referring to my egg cells, which we women have on the inside. He did this gesture twice in a row. If it weren't that I have lived with Dragon for so long and developed a fond relationship to him and gotten to understand him as a Draconian "of the old race", I might have had quite a problem with a red Dragon Turtle indicating wanting to poke around my privates. But it's just Hamish. It's ok. I am not offended.

Then Hamish got real excited and started thinking about munching on my right hand to eat the flesh off my hand with his soft toothless Dragon Turtle mouth. Sometimes Hamish starts thinking all about eating my liver, my beating heart, "juicy leg", or the flesh off my hand, and then he is like a playful puppy, he gets that spark in his eye and I try to tone down his behavior. There there now, Hamish. Don't be wanting to eat your friend.

For the record, I do not recall any abduction scenarios from last night (ie. the night after this page was written). But the Aliens, probably Dinosaur otherwise Thubans, told me this morning a few times that "they had wanted me to become a doctor (of medicine), so that I could work together with them". They also want me to become a doctor of medicine, "so that I would understand", ie. understand the things I am objecting against, ie. the sexual programs with the hybrid children. I tell them that there is not a doctor in the world who would understand or tolerate childhood pedophilia or approve of their program and that if there were then they themselves should be taken to see a doctor of psychiatry. They think it's a medical science project, to teach their hybrid children about sex. I say it's childhood pedophilia, incest, rape and crime. There is no scientific basis with which to "understand" it. Like I said, Thubans and Zetas should not have human creatures in their custody to have any dealings with our sexuality. None whatsoever.

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